What I’m working on

Now that the website is in (mostly) working order, I’m going to start adding more content. You may have noticed that my posts from get imported to the site so you can always look back at old posts. 

But from now on, I’ll also be adding posts and content directly to the website to browse and link as resources from my own workings and collections. I’ve already included a post about where my originate and look to add personal correspondences of gems to search through. 

I may – in the future – show off videos of how I wrap gems, since I finally got a video recording stand for my phone. You might also be lucky enough to see my face in some intro videos to Patreon and the website. But I’ll have to get over my camera fear first.

As for my studies, undergrad is going about as well as it can go trying to juggle so many things. I’ve tried to implement a meditation or two throughout the week to help keep stress more manageable and to help me work on my bardic practices of the inner grove.

And that’s about it for the news around here! I hope you are all staying well yourselves! Your support keeps me going!