the faeries that work here

Ryn Jade – or RJ – is the head faerie around here, leading the way for creativity and self power. RJ encourages everyone to live their full truth and offers help wherever needed.

Around here, is their specialty, having had “that gut feeling” a few too many times to only label it as a coincidence. Now they tap into this gift of theirs and offer insight to those who come for that. With a strong intuition, with only a few quick questions, RJ can typically tell you what kind of stone you need to add to your collection next.

Autumn is second in command, helping with set up at vendor shows, modeling products during a photoshoot, and even creating magnificent pieces of her own. Autumn specializes in spiral designs in her wire working. 

A sleep faerie, first and foremost, Autumn can help you find pieces for shadow and dream work. She is also a comfort for tired souls and brightens their lives because she knows that life isn’t always bright itself, but that we can be a light of hope for others.