Gem Origins

Many of you have asked where we get our from and our short answer is “locally.” But I thought it was time I answered longer, where we find the gems in our work.

Actually, a few places.

Naturally Occurring Gemstones

When we can, we like to go mine for our gems in Hiddenite, NC at Emerald Hollow Mine. The three main activities one can do here are sluicing, creeking, and digging. If you have patience and an eye for all things that glitter, creeking will be your thing – where you can wade through the river, sanding out the gems from the river rocks. Digging is for those with extra strength who have the endurance to smash and dig for their treasures. And for those like me who like a little help along the way, you can buy a bucket and do some sluicing where rushing water runs over your sand covered gems until they are gleaming up at you.

Local Metaphysical Shops

When we can’t get out to mine, sluice, or creek out our own gems, we fall back on some stores we know treat their gems as the magic they can be. Our favorite shop is Curio, Craft and Conjure in the heart of Charlotte’s district, Noda. There Gina and Gianna love collecting special stones from gem shows and all over. We know we can trust them to pick out and care for the best stones.

I am also a fan of gems stores through places like Etsy, and found ThowinStones who is located out of Asheville, NC. They take a lot of care with their product and know stones inside and out. Definitely check them out if you need an online source.

Know of Others?

We’re always searching out more places to support and team up with. If you know of places we should check out, link them below!